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Happy Birthday, Christian Coma!


there are two sides to Pat Kirch

"It’s not  your birthday. It’s my birthday. Don’t ruin my day."

Happy Birthday, Zack Merrick!

Zack Birthday Countdown [0 days to go] - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACK MERRICK!

"The Sky's the limit.Sctrach that you set your limitations, the mind an the body can do much more that anyone thinks or believes. So when you wake up tomorrow, forget your limits because you can always do better."


Happy Birthday, Zachary Merrick!

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Happy birthday Zack Merrick. [x]


Happy 26th birthday, Zack Merrick!

"Everyone goes through tough times. I get through them by working out. It’s taking the negative energy and turning it into positive energy. Almost makes me Feel high. When i am pushed to limit "My coach" says were getting out the sickness and putting in strength. What’s your sickness? What’s your negative energy? Maybe working out is up your alley maybe not but there is always a way to turn your feelings, life or whatever it may be around and build strength in your mind body and heart."